Training Your Dog

puppiesAs you know there are many dogs in the world, all of them can learn but some are harder to teach than others. Training is the first thing you must spend time on, as it could ┬ásave your dog’s life and even yours. Teaching your dog to sit is probably the most important command most people would practice with their dog.


Clicker training, which can be used for dogs who just take more time than others, is one way to train your puppy. Specifically this blog post will just use treats to lure and praise the dog. Firstly, grab a few of his treats or even his favourite food just to be ready if he does get your instructions right. Secondly, make sure he is not able to be distracted by anything, and also the first position is just standing up… simple. Take the piece of food and hold it high above his nose. At this point his face should be facing up towards the treat. Lastly, move the treat backward more to infulence the position of the dog. Keep trying if he takes it the wrong way, only allowing him to take the treat if he deserves it.


Lie Down

The treat also must be used as well as a clicker. The command ”down” is not as important as ”sit” but it is the next step. You might as well start from a ”sit” as opposed to a ” stand” as you have to lure the dog from a ”sit” right into a ”down”.

Starting in a sit position, hold the treat directly parallel to the dog’s nose and again if there are distractions then try to avoid them. Secondly, move the piece of food around just to make sure your dog is focusing on it. After all that bring the┬átreat back to his nose. Finally, pull down the treat to the floor so this forms the shape that you are hoping for.

That is all the basic training tips that you must teach your puppy and hopefully this helped you !